You Are an Ascending Woman

You have a natural frequency, a divine soul signature. You gotta stop overwriting it, loves. Now.

  • Learn to recode your connections; consistently, elegantly, permanently.

  • It’s my mission to help you recode and UPGRADE your relationship to the world around you. Every f**king part of it.

  • The RECODED WOMAN fully embodies her power, her gifts, her unique soul path.

  • Her relationships, business, finances and spiritual health are WILDLY aligned. She knows who she is.

  • Intuition is her wisdom, her birthright, claimed. She commands her reality, transcends limited dimensions.

  • She dances with her fears. She is the lead.

  • She is sovereign. She does not break she grows. She is a force of her own nature.

  • She is THE magic in every room, she IS flow, the feminine and masculine in her are one.

  • It’s my mission to help you spark your divine fire. I see you, love.

  • You are iridescent. A daughter of the f**king stars. I’m so happy you came.




The powerful space she held to allow very specific connections to come through is beyond amazing. She is very in tune, structured, clear, & organiSed in her intuitive/multidimensional presentation. Best I have had thus far. Thank you love!"

"Supportive and challenging...

Clementina O.

exactly what I need to ensure that I follow through with what I am saying. I'm held to account so I get the greatest benefit. I now see how limiting beliefs were getting in the way of me being my best.

Full Course Enrolment

The enrolment date for the full Ascending Woman course is August 2021.

My Mission...

is to help you during your ascension and evolutionary process. To watch you become an Ascending Woman, in your full, complete power. Together, during your online and 1:1 sessions with me, we will:

  • Clear connections, re-wire emotional health and confidence

  • Release of negativity from any of your past relationships

  • De-programme generational patterns and traumas

  • Experience how to change your mindset, energy and behaviour at will

  • Understand your archetypes, calibrate your consciousness, code your reality, recognise your baselines, self heal, separate your thoughts, feelings and emotions

  • Honour your soul’s baselines and discover your blueprint code for connections that promote personal growth and self mastery

Full Course Enrolment

The enrolment date for the full Ascending Woman course is August 2021.